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APIEU Rasberry Vinegar Hair Treatment 어퓨 라즈베리 식초 트리트먼트 165ml

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APIEU Rasberry Vinegar Hair Treatment 165ml
어퓨 라즈베리 식초 트리트먼트 165ml

A'PIEU Raspberry Hair Vinegar uses a combination of vinegar and a fermented herb vinegar complex that balances and soothes the scalp, leading to healthier hair growth. It's also enriched with phyto keratin and raspberry extracts to moisturize and nourish, leaving your hair strong, smooth and effortlessly shiny!

This hair treatment contains Raspberry Extract to nourish frequently permed, colour-treated hair.

Vinegar infused to boost hair's shine and remove sebum and other unpleasantness to build up in the scalp.


Liquid type protein permeates into hair cuticles providing nutrition

When it touches water, by a self-heating system,
it generates heat which increases the absorption of protein
Transforms into the cream and with its locking system it locks hair

How to use:

1. Towel dry after shampoo. Apply a moderate amount to the hair ends, focus on damaged hair.

2. Massage gently for 10 seconds to make the products change into creamy texture.

3. Rinse off with lukewarm water.