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APIEU Volumizing Hair Cushion Bong 헤어 쿠션봉 9g

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APIEU Volumizing Hair Cushion Bong 9g

어퓨 헤어 쿠션봉 9g

  • Medium Brown 미듐 브라운
  • Dark Brown 다크 브라운

A handy product for covering M-shaped forehead, spaced side area, uneven hairline.
Its velvet liquid texture can adhere in between the hair gently and stay long on it for tidy and neat look. Waterproof and sweat-proof product.

Contains :

Black Beans Extracts to nourish scalp.
Charcoal Powder to keep the hair line matte and fresh.
Corn starch ingredients to absorb excess sebum on scalp and hair.
Jojoba Seed Oil to nourish and give pore care to scalp.

How to use:

1. Spin the bottom of the pen towards right slightly.
2. Apply on the space of the hair line inwards and outwards, blend naturally with original hair.