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ABIB Gummy Sheet Mask Heartleaf 아비브 껌딱지 시트 마스크 어성초 스티커 10 Sheets

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ABIB Gummy Sheet Mask Heartleaf 10 Sheets

아비브 껌딱지 시트 마스크 어성초 스티커 10매입

10 Masks in a box

Abib Gummy Sheet Mask  #Heartleaf Sticker


  • Gummy sheet mask is designed to strongly adhere to the skin to meticulously and completely fit your entire face.
  • A specially woven microfiber sheet does not allow a single gap between the sheet and your skin.
  • Heartleaf: Sensitive acne-prone skin


How To Use

  • After washing your face, take out the sheet, attach it to your face, rest for 10-20 minutes, remove it, and pat lightly for absorption.