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Enzyme Time 효소타임 90g

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MOVITA Enzyme Time 3g X 30 Sticks (1 Stick per day, 1 Month supply)

모비타 효소타임 3g X 30포 (1일1포, 1개월분)

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1.믿을 수 있는 프리미엄 원료만 사용합니다.

    2. 8종의 다양한 효소가 함유되어 있습니다. 단백질 분해 효소인 펩신 함유로 효소의 작용을 더욱 높여줍니다.

    3. 오랜 기간 섭취와 보완을 통해 세심하게 선택한 원료들의 체계적인 배합이 시너지로 작용합니다.

    4. 자연곡물을 그대로 발효하고 합성성분을 배제. 인공색소, 인공향료, 인공감미료 무첨가로 맛있고 건강하게 섭취 가능한 곡물맛으로 속이 편안해요.

    5. 원료부터 제조까지 믿고 섭취하세요! 1포당 탄수화물의 분해를 도와주는 효소, 아밀라아제 150,000 Unit/3g, 단백질의 분해를 도와주는 효소, 프로테아제 1,500 Unit/3g 함유 

    6. 음식물 분해 실험 - 삼겹살, 식빵, 라면

    한국인들은 탄수화물의 섭취가 절대적으로 많은 식습관을 가지고 있고, 체내 효소양은 나이를 먹을수록 감소합니다. 점점 부족해지는 효소는 몸의 활력을 위해 외부(식품)로부터 보충하는 것이 좋습니다.

    효소타임 이럴 때 섭취하세요!

    • 빵을 입에 달고 사는 등 탄수화물 섭취가 잦을 떄
    • 온 가족의 활력있는 생활을 원할 떄
    • 효소 섭취로 체질개선이 필요할 때
    • 항상 몸이 묵직하고 속이 답답할 때
    • 육류 지방 또는 인스턴트 음식 섭취가 많을 때
    • 편식 혹은 과식 등 불규칙적인 식사습관을 가지고 있을 때
    • 업무로 인해 앉아있는 시간이 많을 때
    • 조금만 먹어도 소화력이 약하여 먹는 것 자체가 걱정일 떄
    • 원활한 신진대사를 원할 때

      Our bodies naturally make enzymes to improve digestion and to breakdown foods. However, as we age and if we are under large amounts of stress, our enzyme levels can decrease leading to digestive imbalances. Research shows that broad spectrum enzymes can help breakdown lactose, proteins, carbohydrates, fibers and fats to help improve digestion. MOVITA Enzyme Time contains 8 unique plant-based digestive enzymes, making it a great source of digestive support for your gut.

      • Amylase — Carb busting enzyme. Amylase is the body's go-to enzyme for digesting starches, and plays a role in helping the entire digestive system to function smoothly.
      • Hemicellulase - Fiber Busting Enzyme. This enzyme offers to improve nutrient absorption and aid digestive capacity with super fiber break-down capabilities, for an overall health boost.
      • Pepsin — It breaks down proteins in foods like meat, eggs, and dairy products into smaller peptides
      • Bromelain — Pineapple Proteolytic Enzyme . This enzyme is considered an immune system booster as well as an asset in the protein break-down blend for enhanced digestion.*
      • Papain — Protein Catalyst. Papain is a powerful digestive enzyme commonly found in the papaya fruit that breaks down tough protein fibers to play a key role in soothing digestive processes.*
      • Protease —  It helps break down protein in food into amino acids, which the body can then use for energy, as well as immun support. 
      • Glucoamylase — It is an important digestive enzyme that helps us absorb nutrients and create energy from some of the most common plant foods that we eat.
      • Invertiase — It separates sucrose into its main components, fructose and glucose.

      Benefits of Enzyme Time

      • support healthy digestion
      • optimize the breakdown of fats, carbohydrates, and protein
      • Plant - Based Enzyme
      • Contains 17 different fruits and veggies such as lemon, pineapple, beet, broccoli, spinach, onion and more for nutrition balance 
      • promote optimal nutrient absorption
      • reduce gas, bloating, indigestion, and constipation following meals
      • help your body process difficult-to-digest foods
      • support colon health
      • No Artificial Colors or Flavors
      • 30 packets in a box 
      • Product of Korea. 

      How to Use : 

      Take 1 packet a day directly or with water, before your main meals.