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Korean Red Ginseng Drink 정관장 홍삼원 드링크 30/50ml

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Cheong Kwan Jang, Hong Sam Won, Korean Red Ginseng Drink 50ml X 30 Pouches

정관장 홍삼원 드링크 50ml X 30 파우치

 NUBON MARKET recommended 추천상품  

Great Gift Idea! 연말연시 선물용으로 추천해드립니다. 

국내 홍삼음료 중 가장 오래된 역사를 자랑하는 전통 건강음료 '홍삼원'


  • 엄선된 홍삼과 생약재를 인삼공사만의 이상적 배합으로 만든 홍삼원은 지친 일상의 활력을 채워줌으로써 20년이상 꾸준한 사랑을 받고있습니다.

활력을 채우는 붉은 에너지

  • 홍삼 자양강장음료 중 가장 오래된 역사를 자랑하는 전통 홍삼음료로 피로회복에 도움을 주는 홍삼이 360mg 함유되어 있습니다.
  • 가족, 친척, 직장 동료 등 소중한 분들에게 선물할 수 있는 품격있는 제품입니다.

이런분께 권해드립니다!

  • 젊고 건강한 활력을 원하시는 분
  • 과중한 업무와 피로에 지치신 분
  • 평소 홍삼음료를 즐기시는 분
  • 부담없고 부드러운 맛의 홍삼제품을 원하시는 분


  • Since 1899, The World No.1 Ginseng Brand - CheongKwanJang
  • 6 Years Grown Korea Origin
  • No Caffeine
  • No Artificial Colors
  • No Preservatives

Korean Red Ginseng Drink

Korea Red Ginseng Energy Drink is a refreshing, caffeine-free pouch drink made from 6 years-grown Korean Red Ginseng, cinnamon, ginger, jujube and goji berry extracts.

About Korea Ginseng Corporation's World-Renown, Premium Brand, CheongKwanJang.

CheongKwanJang Korean red ginseng roots are carefully selected from only the healthiest ginseng plants grown for no less than 6 years in naturally fertile soil, under the strict quality-control system of Korea Ginseng Corporation. CheongKwanJang processed product are manufactured in a state-of-the-art ginseng facility using water extracted Korean red ginseng, ensuring purity of content.

With an institutional legacy of over 110 years, an origin in the Korea government, a global reputation for trust, CheongKwanJang brand ginseng products represents the world's highest quality ginseng from the world's #1 ginseng company. Recognized with Good Manufacturing certificated in Japan, Australia, and South Korea, our CheongKwanJang branded ginseng products have been exported to 60 countries, world wide.

Suggested use

Take 1 to 2 pouches daily.

Other ingredients

Water, isomalto-oligosaccharide, plants mixed concentrate {jujube fruit, ginger root, cinnamon bark, lycium fruit (goji berry)}, dextrin, malt extract, korean red ginseng root extract, artificial herbal flavor (herb), citric acid.